Best Betting Sites in Liechtenstein in 2023 | Top Sports bet apps in Liechtenstein

It is fair to say that Liechtenstein has gone through significant ups and downs in terms of its gaming industry. Such claim is easily supported by the fact that all kinds of gambling (apart from lotteries) were outlawed in 1949 and were properly regulated until 2011. A gaming law (Geldspielgesetz) was passed by the government … Read more

Best Betting Sites in Ukraine 2023 | Top Sports bet apps in Ukraine

As a former USSR member, Ukraine is the second-largest nation in Europe. Internal turmoil has been present, and it has recently been working to stabilize its economy. Locals are huge fans of MMA, boxing, and football. In terms of gambling, everything was outlawed after a catastrophic fire in a gambling establishment in Kyiv in 2009. … Read more

Best Betting Sites in Maldives 2023 | Top Sports bet apps in Maldives

The Maldives cannot be said to as the center of internet betting. Although though most kinds of gambling are prohibited in the Maldives, locals nonetheless love placing bets on their favorite sporting events. This includes wagering on sports. Thankfully, Maldives authorities don’t have a reputation for upholding these regulations, thus many gamblers comfortably place bets … Read more